Titanium Socket Cap Bolt Race M6 x (1.00mm) x 30mm
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Titanium Socket Cap Bolt Race M6 x (1.00mm) x 30mm

Pre-Drilled Titanium Socket Cap Bolt Grade 5. Diameter M6 Thread Pitch 1.00mm. Length under head : 30mm. Available in different colors
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GRADE 5 FORGED TITANIUM BOLTS : Our titanium bolts are made from high quality Grade 5 titanium which offers extreme strength with the added benefit of extreme weight saving. Titanium provides excellent corrosion resistance, and it requires very little maintenance. Our heads are forged for even higher torque values and all threads are rolled for to further increase the tensile strength. All threads are machined to ISO/DIN standards.  TITANIUM FINISHES : On leaving production, all our Grade 5 titanium bolts are polished. This process brings not only a high luster and mirror like finish, but further strengthens the corrosion resistance. We offer 5 finishes the titanium bolts in our catalog: natural, blue, gold, purple and black DLC. BLACK (Diamond Like Carbon) : DLC (also known as PVD) is our ultimate finish. We are proud to offer DLC (diamond like coating) as an optional surface treatment. The advantages of DLC include a beautiful black colour, an extremely hard surface which is highly scratch resistant, and the DLC process also reduces the friction coefficient which aids in a smoother engagement. The life span of a DLC coated bolt can be over 5,000 different assemblies. NOTE: due to the technical nature of this coating, the delivery time for our may be extended (contact us for more information).    

Characteristic Titanium Bolt 

  • Head Style: Tapered Socket Cap
  • Emprunte : Allen
  • Thread Diameter : 6mm
  • Thread Pitch : 1mm
  • Thread Length : 24mm
  • Length Under Head : 35mm
  • Head Diameter : 10mm
  • Head Height: 6mm
  • Allen Key Size : 5mm

Application Areas : Due to its great strength and its weight 42% lighter than steel, titanium takes its place in many fields such as the aeronautical, aerospace, chemical, military, energy, automotive industry but also the medical and of course sports mechanicals like motorcycles, cars and of course mountain bikes or road bikes.  Titanium Bolt tightening torque : to tighten a titanium Bolt to torque, it is necessary to use a torque wrench

  • M3 : 1.73 Nm
  • M4 :4.00 Nm
  • M5 : 10.00 Nm
  • M6 : 14.00Nm
  • M8 : 25.00 Nm
  • M10 : 38.00 Nm
  • M12 : 97.50Nm

Measurement of our bolts : the measurement of your titanium bolt with Tapered Socket Cap heads is taken under the head and is always displayed as follows: Diameter x (Thread pitch) x Length

Exemple M3 x (0.5mm) x 8mm
  • M3 represents the diameter
  • (0.5 mm) is the Thread Pitch  
  • 8 mm is the length Without head

All our Bolt lengths are taken under heads except countersunk bolts which are fully measured. To take the measurement of your Bolt we recommend the use of our THREAD GAUGE or a caliper

Thread Length
Thread pitch
Shank Length
Titanium Grade 5
Head Diameter
Head Height
Allen Key Size
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